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Tutti Frutti Primary school

Brussels is a buzzing European hub, where many languages are spoken and people from all kinds of different cultural backgrounds come together.

Tutti Frutti embraces this diversity in offering children an education that nurtures all their various kinds of intelligence (linguistic, visual-spatial, logical-mathematic, physical, musical, naturalistic, inter- and intrapersonal) and above all simply shares in the joy of learning together. Although a privately funded initiative, Tutti Frutti aims to be accessible and affordable, and to convey down-to-earth skills that are essential no matter which path children continue on.


* Tutti Frutti Language School was founded in 1997 as a school for extracurricular activities, the Maternelle was founded in 2003, the Primary School in 2018. In 2000, the European Commission and the "Communauté française de Belgique" awarded Tutti Frutti with the European Language Label – an award encouraging the development of new techniques and initiatives in the field of language teaching and learning, as well as the enhancement of intercultural awareness.


Language immersion: Classes at Tutti Frutti Primary are taught in equal number in French and in the child’s other selected language (see sections below). Taking part in engaging activities while hearing, speaking and writing in the language maintained by the teacher naturally develops the children’s oral and written language skills.


Small classes (up to 12 children): Our small class groups are prerequisite to our active learning approach and allow teachers to perceive and accommodate pupils’ individual needs. These small classes make diversity more feasible, and through our encouragement of teamwork among the children, they facilitate an appreciation for mutual respect and the application of social skills.


Curiosity and enthusiasm are undoubtedly the best motor for acquiring knowledge. While imparting essential skills in reading, writing and maths, our teachers openly adapt their curricula to their pupil’s interests and experiences. At the same time, the children’s skills in active listening and self-discipline are cultivated, not least through an initiation in meditation practice.


Applied and interdisciplinary knowledge: Cooking is said to be creative, but essentially it involves mathematics and chemistry. History and geography are intrinsically connected. Drawing develops fine motor skills useful for writing. Logical thinking requires concentration, which demands physical awareness and discipline. Our pedagogy emphasises experience as the best substructure for acquiring abstract knowledge in academic disciplines. Our teachers also select a connecting theme to accompany us throughout the year, for the first years this is time in all its practical and fascinating facets.



In September 2018, Tutti Frutti Primary was launched with a French-English class; 2019 brought in the addition of a French–German class.

Our admissions in 2020 are open to:

Children born in 2014 – 1st Primary

Children born in 2013 – 2nd Primary

Children born in 2012 – 3rd Primary

Children born in 2011 (4th Primary) are also very welcome; they form a vertical class with those born in 2012.


Brussels is in itself a bilingual city. Gently embracing this, the children are taught in Dutch for one class a week from their first Primary year. Pupils in the French–Dutch section receive a class in English.



* For new parents, who are not yet familiar with our teaching methods, we strongly recommend taking part in one of our information sessions.

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