The bilingual kindergarten

At Tutti Frutti

Four sections are offered:

  • French – Deutsch

  • French – English

  • French – Italiano

  • French – Nederlands

A bilingual school…

where it’s good to grow…

Push open the door to our kindergarten school in Saint-Gilles, and you’ll be won over by the friendly, relaxed atmosphere!
But that doesn’t stop teachersand young children from getting involved in learning with zeal and perseverance!
But here, there’s no reception desk, no signpost to the headmistress’s office… Classes are identified by their dominant color.
They’re not classes, strictly speaking.
These are places of linguistic immersion first and foremost, but also artistic, culinary and musicalimmersion.,…

On trouve ces classes à tous les étages de la maison.
Parce qu’en effet, l’école Tutti Frutti,c’est une maison !
Une grande bicoque qui évoque le cadre familial et son ambiance rassurante.
In fact, everything is organized, arranged and tidied up in a meticulous and harmonious way. The child finds himself very easily. Adults too.

  • We form small groups: each class is made up of a maximum of 12 children..

  • A warm, caring atmosphere throughout the school year

  • Our playfulmulti-sensory and adapted to each child’s needs

  • Variety of educational activities at the bilingual school

  • An enthusiastic team with varied profiles to support and welcome the children

  • A beautiful house in Saint-Gilles (Brussels) is home to every class in the school.

Coming to Tutti Frutti Nursery School
allows the child to :

  • Develop bilingual skills

  • Create and develop your inner motivation

  • Learn about a multicultural world

  • Promote motor, psychomotor, intellectual and social development

Life is beautiful in a bilingual kindergarten

Une année scolaire en immersion linguistique dans notre maternelle bilingue à Saint-Gilles.
Chaque enfant découvre une langue grâce à des cours ludiques et instructifs.
L'équipe éducative accueille les enfants de jeune âge dans notre école maternelle de Saint-Gilles (Bruxelles).
Les locaux de l'école bilingue sont situés à Saint-Gilles, à Bruxelles.

An educational team of maestros!

Tutti Frutti teachers each teach their mother tongue. The English teacher is English-speaking and so are the other languages.
And this is the only language allowed in their classrooms.
So language immersion in our bilingual school is total, with no need for translation, even for young beginners.

A warm, playful atmosphere that encourages interaction

Teachers prof professeur leerkracht Tutti Frutti

With a small group of students (maximum 12), the teacher plays the role of conductor.

Its pedagogy is based on :

  • Its score for the school year: planned activity and language content to be acquired

  • Instruments needed for lessons: all kinds of equipment

  • The personality of each member of his orchestra: the children

The result is a symphony that’s different every time, but always harmonious!

It is essential for us to put into practice our open-minded pedagogy in the widest possible way. This is why we sometimes welcome children with special needs.

Training bilingual school teachers

Our teachers come from very different backgrounds, which is what makes Tutti Frutti so special. However, it is essential that the entire teaching team shares the same educational vision.

That’s why every team member receives Tutti Frutti training beforehand. Afterwards, we encourage further training.

Bilingual kindergarten rates

Tarifs maternelle Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti Victoire (1st and 2nd)

Tutti Frutti Africaine (3rd kindergarten)


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