Our stages

During school holidays

Tutti Frutti offers children
dynamic language stages !

At Tutti Frutti, fun activities are available
on a daily basis during the stages !

Does your child want to cook in Italian ?
To sing in Spanish ?
Does he/she prefer to tinker in Dutch or paint in English ?
Ready to dance in German ?
Tempted by a museum visit in French ?
Does he/she dream of playing sports ?

Classes held in Dutch. English, French, German, Italian or Spanish !

Every stage revolves revolves around a central theme.

This theme sets the scene for related activities, games, workshops and outings, which all take place in the chosen language.

We welcome children from 3 years of age, provided they are toilet trained and autonomous.

Carnival stages

  • Our language courses for children from 3 to 11 years old.

  • February 20 – 24, 2023

  • February 27 – March 3, 2023

  • German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch.

  • Language and pool with New Archimedes from February 20 to 24.

    175€ for the half-day course at Tutti Frutti + 125€ to be paid at New Archimede

    • Price: 200 € for 5 full days
    • Hot meals: 37,5€.
    • Garderie 4-6pm: 30€.


8:30 am Doors open – Garderie included in the price of the course

9:15 – 9:30 am Welcome to the classroom

9:30 am Beginning of language activities

11:30 a.m. Meal for 3-5 year olds

11:45 a.m. Meal for 6-11 year olds

12:00 p.m. Daycare or nap time

1:30 p.m. Linguistic activities

3:30 p.m. End of activities

15:30 Free play in the target language

4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Garderie possible, if registered (30€ for the full week).

Meals & snacks:

Morning and afternoon snacks are provided by the parents.

We encourage healthy, waste-free snacks.

We offer the possibility of hot meals (the menu will be sent the week before the course starts).

Practical side:

We welcome children as young as 3 years old if they are clean and autonomous. No diapers or diapers are accepted.

Be sure to dress your child in comfortable clothes and mark their name on their belongings.
Do not bring any valuables or toys from home.

Every stage revolves revolves around a central theme. This theme will be broken down into various games, activities and specific outings where the child will be exposed to the target language. The detailed program will be sent the week before the course.

It is possible to meet the teachers on Wednesdays from 3.30 p.m. to 4.15 p.m. and on Fridays from 4.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Terms of cancelation :

If the cancellation is made during the week of the course, it is recoverable on another course only on presentation of a medical certificate. (valid until end of August 2023)

Cancellation is possible at the latest 20 working days, i.e. one month before the beginning of the course. Only in this case, the course will be refunded; however we keep 30€ for cancellation fees.

More information:

On our website: www.tutti-frutti.be

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Tuttifruttischool/

Our Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/tutti_frutti_language_school

COVID situation and reception of parents during the training courses :

Given the complicated situation of the last two years, the difficulty of management if a covid case occurs and the fact that the pandemic is not yet over, in the morning parents are not yet allowed to enter the school.

We understand that for children who are new to Tutti Frutti, it is important to become familiar with the place. If you wish, it is possible to visit the school on Thursday, December 22 after 4:30 pm or on Friday, December 30 (in the morning) – by appointment only (send an e-mail to info@tutti-frutti.be or call 02 538 37 43).

At the end of a day of stage, it will be possible to meet briefly with the teacher from 3:30 to 3:55 pm. A maximum of two people per group will be allowed to enter IF AND ONLY IF the health situation allows it.

Carnaval stages
  • German 3 to 6 years old
  • English 3 to 11 years
  • Spanish 3 to 6 years old
  • French 3 to 6 years old
  • Italian 3 to 6 years old
  • Dutch 3 to 9 years
carnaval pour enfants stages
  • English 3 to 11 years
  • French 3 to 6 years old
  • Dutch 3 to 6 years old

Mens sana in corpore sano

Tutti Frutti collabore avec Wincoaching 4 kids et New Archimède pour proposer des stages “Sports & English” et “Langues et natation”.

Avec Wincoaching 4 kids
Demi-journée: anglais chez Tutti Frutti
Demi-journée: Multisport en anglais à St Luc

Please bring sportswear.

These courses are organized by Tutti Frutti.


Avec New Archimède
Matin: langue au choix chez Tutti Frutti
Afternoon: swimming pool at New Archimedes*.
Navette assurée par Tutti Frutti



Hello, my name is Matteo, I am 7 years old
and yesterday I started a Dutch course at Tutti Frutti.

Departure from home

When Dad says we have to leave to go to Tutti Frutti, I’m still a little tired. And then, I’m playing and I don’t want to leave the house. So Daddy has to insist a little, but not too much.

Arrival at Tutti Frutti

Even before you get to the school you can hear the children playing and talking and laughing. I’m a bit scared when I arrive because I don’t know many people yet and I haven’t made any friends yet. But there is always a teacher or someone or even Mrs. Tutti Frutti who comes to welcome me.

Morning activities

When everyone is in the classroom, Julien explains what we are going to do. He doesn’t say a single word of French. But it’s funny because even so, I understood that we’re going to make pancakes. That’s great, I love pancakes. I can even say it to you in Dutch: “Ik houd van pannenkoeken !”

In short, we spend the morning preparing the ingredients, mixing them, then cooking the pancakes and frying them. Julien is very nice, but, as soon as we hold the pan in our hands, he becomes very strict. He keeps saying “Pas op! ». By his tone, I understand that we have to be very careful.


Lunch and recreation

We’re obviously very happy because for dessert, we all got to eat the pancakes we made this morning. They were delicious. It’s a shame there weren’t more!

We, the older ones, can go and play in the garden while the little ones have a nap.

I made two new friends: Charlotte who is 7 years old like me and Antonin who is smaller. We played a bit, then Julien came to pick us up.


Afternoon activities

Julien told us that this afternoon, we were going to draw the recipe of the pancakes in Dutch. It’s a good idea if we want to make them again!

We each drew the necessary ingredients and Julien showed us the words (eieren, meel, suiker). Those who finished could take the recipe home. The others can continue it tomorrow.

Daycare and going home

Afterwards, I stayed at school, waiting for my mother to come and get me. It was fun: with Nina, another teacher, we played “crapette” and I won!

Afterwards, Mom came in. I said “Tot ziens! “to Nina, Julien and Madame Tutti Frutti. Then we left.


Nos prochains stages chez Tutti Frutti

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