The bilingual primary school

In September 2023 we welcome children from P1 to P5

Tutti Frutti Primary School

Royal Léopold Club
Avenue Adolphe Dupuich N°42
1180 Uccle

Tel: ​​​​02 538 37 43

Bilingual primary school

The bilingual primary school

Bilingual primary? Elementary!
At Tutti Frutti, it’s possible.

In September 2021, we will welcome children
born in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Tutti Frutti’s classes

The primary school is organized
in two bilingual sections

12 students per class

  • French & German

  • French & English

IMMERSION through the exposure
to two or even three languages.

Active, lively, participatory, open and differentiated teaching methods

A multidisciplinary approach,
multi-sensory, creative and artistic.

  • Immersion :

    Our sections are bilingual. Bilingualism is practiced in both the spoken and written language from Primary 1 onwards; children are exposed to both languages in a balanced way.

    We offer the following sections :

    • French – German
    • French – English
  • Small classes :

    Each class group consists of a maximum of 12 students. These small classes allow for personalized teaching and a better understanding of the needs of each student. Teamwork and sociability are emphasized on a daily basis.

Bilingual primary school
  • Open-minded pedagogy :

    Openness is one of our core values.
    On the one hand, the children open up to other cultures and other languages thanks to our bilingual or even multilingual approach.
    On the other hand, outings (theatre, museum, park, swimming pool…) are an integral part of the Tutti Frutti project. In fact, learning is done both inside andoutside the school.

  • Multidisciplinary approach, through experimentation :

    The variety of activities offers a diversity of disciplines within the same course; these different disciplines in turn allow for the development of a more in-depth knowledge of a subject. In addition, the exploration, the various experiments will allow the student to enter the world of abstract knowledge at his own pace.

  • Explicit and implicit learning :

    Of course, we offer explicit lessons in reading, writing, logic and mathematics.
    In addition to this approach, we also (mostly) favour implicit learning: during a cooking workshop, the children learn to read the recipe, to count and weigh the ingredients…

  • Multi-sensory approach :

    The child becomes aware of his surroundings through the different senses awakened during the activities. We pay particular attention to the contact with nature.

Bilingual primary school
  • Curiosity and enthusiasm:

    We stimulate children’s curiosity, which is an essential fuel for learning. The enthusiasm of the teachers to pass on their knowledge feeds this curiosity..

  • Creativity :

    The joy of creating is emphasized through activities such as painting, drawing, crafts, gardening, music, cooking… The child explores, invents, discovers and, at the same time, develops his/her self-confidence.

  • Sports, swimming pool and gardening :

    The motor and psychomotor development of each child is essential.
    Every week, they participate in the physical education workshop, go to the swimming pool, practice yoga…

  • Distinctive pedagogy and inclusion :

    Our pedagogy is also distinctive; we take into account the different rhythms of the children, the different types of intelligence.

    We also welcome children with special needs. In this case, we would like to meet the parents before enrolling and receive a medical assessment. It is important to evaluate together if the team is able to welcome/accompany the child and if it is necessary to receive additional external help. Any meeting with a specialist (speech therapist, psychologist…) is highly appreciated.

  • Autonomy :

    We emphasize the child’s autonomy because it leads the child to be, little by little, the subject of his learning. This begins with practical tasks (tidying up the classroom, helping with meals, learning to be responsible for their belongings and school equipment…) and then developing an inner journey by asking questions, exploring their surroundings, developing a critical mind… to understand that learning is an extraordinary gift that they give to themselves.

Life is good in primary school

The primary school magazine

Tutti Frutti est une école primaire bilingue située à Uccle.
Bilingual primary school
Bilingual primary school
Tutti Frutti école bilingue Bruxelles
Bilingual primary school
Bilingual primary school
Bilingual primary school
Bilingual primary school

The teaching team

Diversity is life. This is why the profiles of our teachers and their nationalities are extremely varied: primary and secondary school teachers, artistic, scientific, sports and literary profiles. All of these skills are honored, feed the different activities, nourish the project and therefore help the children to blossom.

Creativity, passion and rigour are the characteristics of our teachers. We are convinced that it is essential for children to have several perspectives on their learning path. Therefore, several teachers are responsible for one class.

The entire team has been trained by Tutti Frutti beforehand. Our teachers are qualified and/or university graduates.


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Bilingual kindergarten

Bilingual primary school




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