coding codering in het nederlands kinderen enfants saint gilles
coding in english kids children brussels

But… what is coding?

CodeTo give simple instructions to your computer in its own language in order to interact with it so that it performs a function. To do this, there is no need to speak in series of complex numbers: we use a programming language that translates into “machine” language.

Teaching our children to code allows them to develop many skills skills: the logiclogic, not being afraid to make mistakes, the language to formulate your needs and sometimes simplify them, the spirit of synthesisthe rigorrigor, the creativity

During these courses, which are given in immersion, the children learn to manipulate robots, computers, but also coding in everyday life.

Children will learn the basics of Scratch software, but also in
manipulate robots, give instructions to obtain a robotic result,…

Basic English or Dutch is not required to join the group.