Langues à la carte


A multilingual collection of essays on early language learning

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On a rainy May morning Patricia Pitisci, director of Tutti Frutti, entrusted us with her manuscript, which arrived like a ray of sunshine that gloomy spring day. Immersing oneself in various languages,

while learning about Tutti Frutti’s pedagogical approach, is a treat that we want to share with readers (parents, teachers, speech therapists, pedagogues, etc.) in order to convince them that learning several languages at an early age is not only easily feasible, but beneficial and essential in our age of European interconnection and globalisation.

In a world where the majority of children grow up multilingually, absorbing two or more languages in their first years, monoglottism is actually an exception and a handicap. Of 284 states in the world, only 29 can be considered monolingual. (Abdelilah-Bauer 2006).


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